May 21st and 22nd 2016
Palazzo dei Capitani - PIAZZA DEL POPOLO

Tasting tables wines with the winemakers from Le Marche and the Mosel Valley (Germany).
Laboratories guided by famous enogastronomic journalists.
International union between terroirMarche and Ecovin Mosel.

Saturday 21st of May

Wine tasting and direct access to over 120 organic wines from the Marche and the Mosel region of Germany together with traditional products of the territory.
Daily entry pass (12 euros or 10 euros for members of ASPI, AIS, AIES, FIS, Slow Food, ONAV, FISAR) includes access to the tasting tables, wine glass, guided tour of the historic center of Ascoli, and participation in collateral events with the exception of the special guided laboratories.


Aurora (Offida - Ascoli Piceno) | website
Col di Corte (Montecarotto - Ancona) | website
Di Giulia (Cupramontana - Ancona) | website
Fiorano (Cossignano - Ascoli Piceno) | website
La Distesa (Cupramontana - Ancona) | website
La Marca di San Michele (Cupramontana - Ancona) | website
La Valle del Sole (Offida - Ascoli Piceno) | website
Pantaleone (Ascoli Piceno) | website
Paolini & Stanford Winery (Offida - Ascoli Piceno) | website
Peruzzi (Monteroberto - Ancona) | website
Pievalta (Maiolati Spontini - Ancona) | sito web
Valturio (Macerata Feltria - Pesaro Urbino) | website
Vigneti Vallorani (Colli del Tronto - Ascoli Piceno) | website

Weingut Steffens-Keß from Reil (Mosella) | website
Weingut Frank Brohl from Pünderich (Mosella) | website
Weingut Hoffmann-Simon from Piesport (Mosella) | website
Weingut Christian Klein from Kröv (Mosella) | website
Weingut Staffelter Hof from Kröv (Mosella) | website


The tasting laboratories offered at Terroir Marche 2016 propose unedited lectures and involve both the wines of the Marche and the Mosel region of Germany, a vertical tasting not to be missed and a challenge to reflect together how to evaluate a wine the moment you pick up a glass.
Every lab will include from 8-12 wines.

11 am - The light and the slate
The Rieslings of the Mosel, Saar and Ruwer and how the exemplify their terroir
sold out

A voyage to the north of Europe to meet a winemaking territory radically different than Le Marche. Thanks to the twin cities of Ascoli Piceno and Treviri, terroirMarche is able to host winemakers who are members of the association ECOVIN.
This is a way for us to learn about the stories of the winemakers who have chosen to follow organic methods in a region where the climate can be really extreme, but where the light and slate soils are fundamental ingredients of an exceptional terroir able to produce some of the longest lived white wines in the world. Sonja Christ-Brendemuehl and Pierpaolo Rastelli will guide participants in the discovery of the minerality and luminosity of the wines of the Mosel.


Weingut Steffens-Keß: 2015 Reiler Goldlay Riesling Spätlese trocken
Weingut Hoffmann-Simon: 2015 Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Riesling Spätlese trocken
Weingut Steffens-Keß: 2014 Burger Hahnenschrittchen Riesling trocken
Weingut Staffelter Hof: 2014 Alte Reben 862 Riesling trocken
Weingut Brohl: 2014 Pündericher Marienburg "Rosenberg" Riesling Spätlese trocken
Weingut Christian Klein: 2008 Kröver Steffensberg Riesling Spätlese trocken
Weingut Broh: 2010 Pündericher Marienburg Riesling Spätlese feinherb
Weingut Christian Klein: 2015 Riesling feinherb
Weingut Staffelter Hof: 2013 Kröver Steffensberg Riesling Spätlese
Weingut Hoffmann-Simon: 2000 Köwericher Laurentiuslay Riesling Auslese

3 pm - 2010 shades of red

A Polaroid of the red of the Marche in a classic year

If a vertical tasting is able to best express the distinctive traits of a single vineyard or a winery's style, a horizontal tasting of different wines in the same year can perhaps realistically show a photograph of an entire region and its productive potential.
The year 2010 which was optimal in all of Italy including Le Marche.
It is thought of as a classic year, with balanced maturation, and was able to produce red wines with mature tannins, but tense and vibrant, splendidly adapted to aging.
The Australian journalist, Jane Faulkner, will guide the participants through two main protagonists: Montepulciano and Sangiovese. Often united in a blend, but once in a while accompanying one another like companions on a voyage.


Fiorano: "Terre di Giobbe", Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC
Vigneti Vallorani: "Sorlivio", IGT Marche Rosso (Sangiovese 100%)
Aurora: Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC
Pantaleone: "Sipario", Marche Rosso IGT (100% Montepulciano)
La Distesa: "Nocenzio", Marche Rosso IGT
Valturio: "Valutario", Marche Rosso IGT (100% Sangiovese)
PS Winery: "Confusion", Marche Rosso IGT

5 pm - Epistenology
The world of wine from the 100 points of Robert Parker to the square napkin of the grandmother

Epistonology (a new word) is the response of Nicola Perullo after watching decades of indisputable absolutism in wine analysis.
Bottles are dissected with a rigid voting scheme and given a numeric value which can determine fortune or disgrace. It is something far removed from the enjoyment of a perfumed beverage.
Epistenology, therefore, is a passage back to the knowing of the wine and with the wine liberating us to use the "judge of the imagination".
Are all wines equal? Certainly not! Perullo delves deeply into this theme in a tasting guided with Alessandro Morichetti.


How to sign up for the laboratories

The cost of participation for every laboratory (2 hours each) is 35 euros.
If one signs up for 2 labs, there will be a discount of 5 euros.
To sign up, it is necessary to send an email to and write your name, surname, mail address and fiscal code of the participant with a receipt of payment to
IBAN: IT9810501802600000000204198
Reason: "your name" sign up for "title of the lab"
For further information call: 3381274770


Sonja Christ-Brendemühl - Sommelier who was chosen as the "queen of geman wine" on October 9, 2009 in the city of Heilbronn. Since February, 2009, she has worked as the chief taster for the wine magazine, Selection in Mainz. After her "coronation", she became an ambassador of german winemakers and their wines and has participated in over 250 events in Germany and abroad.

Pierpaolo Rastelli
- A collaborator with the wine guides, Vini d'Italia and Gambero Rosso for Le Marche region. He is an author of historic guides regarding organic italian wines and new techniques.

Jane Faulkner - Jane is one of Australians leading wine writers with a background in journalism working across radio, television and print.
She writes regularly for the award-winning wine magazine Halliday and contributes to several publications including on-line at Wine Searcher although creating her soon-to-be-launched website winematters has been all consuming and loads of fun. Jane's an experienced wine judge and chairs numerous shows including the Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show. She's also a much sort-after MC, speaker and teacher plus avid drinker of all things vinous especially Italian wine.

Nicola Perullo - A professor of Esthetics, he teaches Philosophy of food and esthetics in many italian and worldwide institutions. He is most noted for his tracts on philosophy of food here in Italy and has written many books, some of which have been translated in other languages and are considered reference points for the topic. His principle object of study for the last 20 years has been wines and the passions of gastronomy.

Alessandro Morichetti
- Originally from Civitanova Marche, he now lives in Barbaresco. His degree was in Science of Communication with a thesis based on the sociology of the restaurant culture in Le Marche.
He became an AIS sommelier in 2007 reading Porthos under the table.
In 2009 he co-founded the wine blog Intravino.
Since 2011 he has worked at Doyouwine, an online wine seller of great wines from Italy and elsewhere. He loves all animals and some humans. You can find him everywhere on the web where there is a controversy.





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