Castelli di Jesi


This is the cradle and at the same time the secret of the consecration of Verdicchio as one of the most important white wines in the world. For a long time, the predominant descriptors of the grape variety have overshadowed the heterogeneity and richness of the hills to the left and right of the river Esino, where one discovers the power of the luminous variety, Verdicchio. Today, instead, the place names: Cupramontana, Maiolati Spontini, Montecarotto, San Michele, and San Paolo are beginning to be recognized by both critics and consumers for their excellent quality and virtuosity with this grape variety. It is Verdicchio that makes harkens to this territory, thanks to a new wave of winemakers who are attentive to the preservation of nature and biodiversity of the vineyard and are determined to help this area and its specific terroir emerge as one of the most important and appreciated for Verdicchio. But, Castelli di Jesi is not only synonymous with white wines, it is here in the northern Marche where Montepulciano finds its last home and often combined with Sangiovese awards one with unique, winning red wines.

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